“ The French call the first encounter with the desert ‘le baptême de la solitude’. It is a unique sensation and has nothing to do with loneliness, for loneliness presupposes memory. Here in this wholly mineral landscape lighted by stars like flares, even memory disappears; nothing is left but your own breathing and the sound of your heart beating … For no one who has stayed in the Sahara desert for a while is quite the same as when he came. “

Legend relates that one day Allah, enraged by mankind, decided that for punishment the would drop a grain of sand on earth for every sin committed. This was how an area that had before been green and flourishing was transformed into a vast sandy expanse. Thus the Sahara came into being, its name Sah’ra, first mentioned by the Arab writer Ibn Abd-el-Hakem, meaning “emptiness”. The word desert (from the Latin meaning “abandoned”) is redolent with meaning, emotions, feelings and symbolism. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world, extending in fact over 8 million square kilometers, divided between 11 countries.

The history  of the Sahara is also that of our planet. Once covered by glaciers, later the sea encroached on the area, albeit partially. At the time of the dinosaurs, it was a boundless verdant plain with rivers flowing and abundant large lakes and swamps. All these climatic changes are indicated by the different kinds of landscape in the Sahara : the stony desert is known as serir or reg and the smooth pebbles covering the surface are evidence of running water in the past; the rocky desert, or Hamada was created by the eruption of lava on the surface and, like the stony desert, is criss-crosses by dry riverbeds (wadis); lastly, the sandy desert, known as erg consists of large dunes.

The possibility of spending a night in a riad, or for the more courageous in a Bedouin tent, should absolutely not be missed. The reward is a black night sky, bright with a carpet of stars, accompanied by the sound of Berber drums rhythmically lulling one to sleep.

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A legend relates that the immense dunes of Erg Chebbi were created by God to punish the inhabitants of the nearby city of Merzouga who had refused hospitality to a woman and her small child during a local festival. God therefore brought about a huge sandstorm that destroyed the village and in its place remained the dunes.

Of all the various forms that the desert can present, that of Erg, although it is only a tenth of the total area of the Sahara, is without doubt the most fascinating. The immense, sandy desert is created by the crumbling of rocks caused by sharp temperature changes between night and day. In turn, the sand, pushed by the strength of the wind, erodes the rocks encountered on its powerful flight.

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The settlement of Erfoud is situated on the edge of the Tafilalet and the Tizimi palm grove which extends as far as one can see, between the Ziz and Gheris wadis. It was founded in 1917 as a military post and today is the departure point for excursions in Desert, and is noted among other things for the date festival which takes place after the harvest, in October.

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kasbah taourirtThe Kasbah Taorirt stands to the right of the Mohammed V avenue, at the east (Skoura direction) end of town, it’s a dusty, twenty minute walk from the bus station. Although built by the Glaoui, the Kasbah was never an actual residence of its chiefs, However, located at this strategic junction of the southern trading routes, it was always controlled by a close relative, In the 1930s, when the Glaoui were the undisputed masters of the south, it was perhaps the largest of all Moroccan Kasbahs an enormous family domain housing numerous sons and cousins of the dynasty, along with several hundred of their servants and laborers, builders and craftsmen, even semi-itinerant Jewish tailors and moneylenders. Since then, and especially since being taken over by the government after independence, the Kasbah has fallen into drastic decline, In 1994, the government announced plans to ‘rehabiliate’ the Kasbah and also those at Ait Benhaddou but at time of writing of this article had not started and parts of the structure had disappeared, washed away by heavy rains; others are completely unsafe, and it is only a small section of the original, a kind of village within the Kasbah, that remains occupied today, that part is towards the rear of the rambling complex of rooms, courtyards and alleyways, what you are shown is just the main reception courtyard and a handful of principal rooms, lavishly decorated but not especially significant or representative of the old order of things, with an eye, perhaps, to tourism, they are known as the ”the harem”.

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Morocco has many desert platform such as  Merzouga Sahara and Chegaga Mhamid Desert.


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